The Festival of Ice Cream stands as the epicenter for its lovers, where the most outstanding distributors and producers gather to share their creations and do business with an audience eager for new gastronomic experiences. At the same time, this event seeks not only to delight the palates, but also to promote the ice cream culture and local production in Costa Rica, as well as to provide a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among professionals in the sector.


A lounge for families, children and adults will be able to enjoy workshops.

Tasting sessions

You will be able to taste and savor all kinds of ice cream, with new elaborations and trends.


And of course you can buy ice cream of all kinds and origins: fair trade, sugar-free, refined, with fruit and much more.

Through the participation of a large number of ice cream companies in the country, as well as the support of governmental organizations, the festival not only contributes to the dissemination of this delicious product, but also boosts the progress of local producers.

In this edition, more than 50 types of ice cream will be available at the National Stadium on February 24 and 25, from 10 am to 7 pm.

2023 Ice Cream Festival