The Amón Cultural Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary on March 9, 2024, showcasing creativity, music, and art in San José’s vibrant Amón and Otoya neighborhoods. Featuring over 90 activities across 31 locations, this urban festival has evolved into a must-attend event on the city’s cultural calendar, drawing individuals from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the rich community and history of the area.

Amón Cultural advocates for inclusion and diversity, striving to unite the community around a shared vision of a compact, participatory, resilient, and safe city. This year’s festival emphasizes the revaluation of San José’s historical heritage, stressing the importance of its preservation and celebration.

Amón Cultural: The City in a Different Way

Organized by the Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) in collaboration with associations, institutions, companies and local artists, the Amón Cultural 2024 Festival promises a unique experience that combines live music, dance, theater, art, national design, performance, local gastronomy, historical tours and much more.

This year, the festival is presented with six thematic axes: gastronomy, architecture, art and design, urban life, performing arts and environment. From tours through the picturesque streets to performances in emblematic buildings, there is something for all tastes and ages.

Celebrating History & Creativity

Emphasized community involvement and connection to the environment is one of the highlights of the Ammon Cultural Festival 2024.

For those wishing to explore the full schedule of activities and plan their day, the program can be accessed online at the following link: Full Amon Cultural 2024 Program

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