Discover the Jiménez Sancho House in Cartago: history, architecture and culture in a space open to the public. Explore it today!

Rebirth After Tragedy: The Jiménez Sancho House In Cartago

Nestled in the heart of Cartago, the Casa Jiménez Sancho emerges as a monument to rebirth after tragedy.

Constructed following the destructive earthquake of 1910, this grand residence seamlessly blends Art Nouveau, Victorian, and Modern architectural styles. Reflecting the evolving tastes of Costa Rica’s elite, it was designated a Heritage of Historical and Architectural Interest in 1985. Its origins trace back to the 19th century, under the ownership of the Jiménez Sancho family.

Originally owned by Ramón Jiménez Robredo and Joaquina Zamora Coronado, the house later belonged to Dr. José María Jiménez Oreamuno and his wife, Micaela Sancho. After the earthquake tragedy, Micaela made the decision to rebuild the residence, beginning construction in 1911. The result: an architectural masterpiece blending wood and metal innovatively, in compliance with municipal regulations on sidewalk space and wall height.

The house symbolized Cartago’s resilience and hosted renowned ecclesiastical figures, reflecting Micaela’s dedication to religious organizations. This connection to the religious sphere led to it being affectionately nicknamed “The Vatican” by a close relative of the Jiménez Sancho family.

In 1992, the descendants of Micaela and her husband made the decision to sell the property to the Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED). This move ensured its preservation for future generations. Today, the Jiménez Sancho House stands as a monument to Costa Rican history, serving as a living testimony to the power of reconstruction and the enduring legacy of a remarkable family.

Dynamic Spaces: Exhibition Halls And Cultural Events

Source: UNED

The Jiménez Sancho House is open to the public, with free admission, as a living and dynamic space, which offers rooms for artistic and historical exhibitions and a varied cultural offer. Temporary art exhibitions, with works by renowned national and international artists, are displayed in its rooms, along with cultural events that include music, theater, literature and storytelling, among other activities.

In addition, it has a History Room that covers more than one hundred years of history, showing the great events of the 20th and 21st centuries in an attractive way and with a language accessible to all the public.

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