This year, Valanti Gallery is pleased to commemorate two decades and one year of the prolific artistic career of Carlos Tapia, an outstanding painter whose work has left an indelible mark on the contemporary art world. With a diverse and captivating collection, has captivated audiences around the world with his unique style and ability to convey emotions through his works.

Who is Carlos Tapia?

Throughout his works, primary and vibrant colors dominate the palette, creating architectural cityscapes that defy perspective in surprising ways. The eye encounters buildings that rise at unusual angles, as if the urban world has become three-dimensional and manifests itself in a parade of linear and defined forms. This artistic approach is no accident; Carlos Tapia, originally from Costa Rica, has deep roots in architecture, and this influence is undeniably reflected in his work.

Impossible Architecture

The architectures that Carlos Tapia paints are not representations of tangible reality, but rather, reflect the private associations of his imagination. These impossible buildings are presented from zenithal perspectives and convoluted foreshortenings, as if a voyeur were observing from above, deforming and caricaturing the urban structures. Color plays a fundamental role in his work, with a palette dominated by reds, yellows and greens, meticulously applied in organic and sinuous segments.

A Touch of Humor and Subtle Irony

Tapia’s work also reveals his fine sense of humor, often depicted in scenes where cats confront the viewer, as if defending their impregnable territory. He explores Kafkaesque concepts and science fiction atmospheres through his impossible architectures, condensing psychological and visual attitudes of a 21st century society.

Why will the works be on display?

Carlos Tapia’s 21st anniversary exhibition at Valanti Gallery is a tribute to his outstanding career. The show includes a carefully curated selection of his most emblematic works, representing not only his exceptional technical skill, but also his artistic evolution over the last two decades.

Besides, the exhibition highlights one work in particular: “ISLA POP”. A piece that fuses elements of surrealism and abstraction, challenging traditional artistic conventions and unleashing the imagination of those who contemplate it.

Enter to Win an Artwork

One of the most exciting experiences offered by the exhibition is the opportunity to participate in a creative dynamic. Inspired by the work “ISLA POP”, visitors are invited to create a one-page story. The story should be written in Times New Roman #12 font and can be as imaginative as they wish. By participating, visitors will be entered into a raffle for a silkscreen print by the artist himself. This is a unique opportunity to interact with art in a creative way and potentially take home an original work of art.

The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for September 24, from 2 to 6 p.m., and is open to people of all ages. This is a place where art in all its forms is celebrated and the participation of all generations is encouraged.

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