Chepe de Moda is a special edition of the Art City Tour to be held in San Jose, Costa Rica. Is the second edition of the Art City Tour that takes place in the year, specifically in May.

The objective of the Art City Tour is to bring the public closer to the cultural and artistic spaces of San José, connecting the cultural offerings of downtown with the Sábana, and to offer a free and accessible experience through guided bus tours during special hours.

This Thursday, May 18, International Museum Day, Chepe will be in fashion in 14 participating spaces, where exhibitions, workshops, guided tours, lectures, installations, interventions, video-dance, among other activities that will showcase the cultural and urban work of national and international artists will be offered.

Chepe de Moda: Exploring the City through Art

Projects such as the Art City Tour in Costa Rica are important because they promote access to culture and art in an inclusive and free way for the population. These cultural events allow both residents and visitors to enjoy guided tours through museums, galleries and cultural spaces, thus promoting the appreciation of art and the history of the country. Besides, the Art City Tour contributes to the revitalization of the city, promoting participation in cultural activities and strengthening San José’s cultural identity.

There are usually several editions per year, such as “Chepe de Moda” in May and “Vacaciones en Chepe” in July. In the course of this tour, various museums and cultural spaces in the city of San José are visited, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design, the National Museum, the Jade Museum, among others.

This May 18, from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., enjoy the Art City Tour in its “Chepe de Moda” edition.

The tour is free of charge and transportation is provided by shuttle buses that make closed circuits during the entire event.

To participate, it is necessary to register in advance as there is a limited capacity of 3,000 people. Beyond the tours, there are multiple activities programmed in the different participating spaces.

Culture in Action

The funds raised during the Art City Tour finance event logistics and operations, enabling free access to cultural spaces and bus transportation for participants.

Specifically, the sponsorship of companies such as Davivienda makes possible free access to the buses that provide service during the travel circuits. While free admission to the participating cultural spaces is achieved thanks to the individual management of each institution.

Part of the funds raised may also be used to organize special activities, promote the event and support the management of the participating cultural venues. In brief, this project enriches Costa Rica’s cultural scene and enhances community access to culture, fostering social cohesion.

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