The Expoaves 2024 is set to be a window into the fascinating world of birds, creatures that conquer both the skies and the land, including the agricultural environment where they play a fundamental role. On agricultural and livestock farms, birds are abundant and diverse, displaying a wide variety of populations that contribute significantly to the environmental balance and health of farms.

Education, Conservation & Entertainment

For the last few decades, we have witnessed a worrying decline in bird populations in rural areas, especially on farms, despite their relevance. The indiscriminate use of pesticides, the elimination of boundaries and banks, and other changes in the agricultural landscape have contributed to this phenomenon.

Expoaves 2024’s key objective is to raise awareness among the Costa Rican public about the diversity of birds and their importance for agriculture and the environment. The exhibition highlights ornamental breeds, rare but fascinating, which are distinguished by their potential as pets and their role in ornamental agriculture. They are also a healthy alternative to digital entertainment, promoting an enriching and educational hobby.

As a result, exhibitors are increasingly aware that the foundations of a society committed to conservation are based on the education of future generations, which is considered fundamental to achieve a change in mentality. The predominant way of reaching young people is through recreational activities and their parents, who are trained to acquire greater knowledge about the various bird species and, especially, about the benefits that these winged creatures offer in terms of crop protection.

Talks and conferences address topics such as nutrition, health, good agricultural practices and poultry genetics, aimed at both farmers and amateurs. Emphasis is placed on the need to adopt sustainable agricultural practices, based on the use of biological and natural methods, soil and water protection, and biodiversity conservation.

Expoaves 2024 Inspires a New Generation of Bird Lovers

Besides the poultry exhibition and conferences, Expoaves 2024 offers a space for entrepreneurs and sellers of poultry equipment, incubators and other related utensils. Careful transportation and veterinary care is guaranteed to ensure the welfare of the animals at all times.

Sensorial Sunsets in collaboration with Ronald Barquero.