Focus 2: Exploring Documentary Film, Featured Screenings Today, June 27.

The Cultural Center presents a fascinating selection of documentaries that explore deep and thoughtful stories through film. From reflecting on identity and belonging to reimagining natural landscapes, these films promise an enriching and unique cinematic experience.

Mother Stone

Director: Kersti Uibo | Country: Estonia | Year: 2019 | Genre: Documentary

In “Mother Stone”, Kersti Uibo invites us into a silent, meditative cinematic experience. The film observes an erratic rock deposited by a receding ice sheet near the director’s home, reflecting on roots, identity and belonging before the beginning of human history.

Lake Baikal

Director: Alisi Telengut | Countries: Canada, Germany | Year: 2023 | Genre: Documentary

“Lake Baikal” reimagines the formation of Lake Baikal in Siberia through hand-painted animations and found objects. The narration includes the voice of an indigenous woman who preserves memories in her Buriat language, an endangered Mongolian dialect.

I Would Rather Be a Stone

Director: Ana Hušman | Country: Croatia | Year: 2024 | Genre: Documentary

Ana Hušman, in “I Would Rather Be a Stone”, examines the construction of memories and narratives through the landscape and the interactions between living and non-living entities. The film is a tribute to the women of the Hušman family and the Lika region of Croatia.

The Departure of Images

Director: Ana Edwards | Countries: Chile, France | Year: 2023 | Genre: Documentary

“The Departure of Images” combines ethnography and reverie as it explores the dreams of a Mapuche family in southern Chile. The film deals with the relationships between the visible and the invisible, matter, spirits and images in Mapuche territory.

These exciting screenings will be available today, June 27, at the Cultural Center. Tickets can be purchased online through this link.

Prices are 2,000 colones for general admission, and include taxes and service charge. Students and seniors can enjoy a reduced price of 1,500 colones.

For more information, you can contact the Cultural Center via WhatsApp at +506 8455 6666 or by email at [email protected].

Here you have the section with information about the short films that will be screened:

Screenings : Featured Short Films

Beyond the main documentaries, the program includes a selection of short films that explore diverse and profound narratives:

El Deseado
Director: David Loynaz | Country: Costa Rica | Year: 2024 | Genre: Fiction

In 1809, in Cartago, Costa Rica, Governor Acosta is excited to receive the news of the coronation of King Ferdinand VII, who is seeking refuge from the Napoleonic invasion of Spain.

Los Mosquitos
Director: Nicole Chi | Country: Costa Rica | Year: 2024 | Genre: Fiction

Aby, a Honduran teenager in the United States, navigates the complexities of her life with her newly arrived cousin, Nata, defying family expectations on Thanksgiving Day.

Rumor de Orígenes lejanos
Director: Pável Quevedo | Countries: Costa Rica, Ecuador | Year: 2024 | Genre: Documentary

Pável Quevedo Ullauri and Roberto Carter explore uncertain territories where the marvelous and the everyday are intertwined in a revealing cinematographic dialogue.

Director: María Laura | Country: Costa Rica | Year: 2023 | Genre: Documentary

“Drag” offers an intimate look at the world of drag through the queens that make it up, highlighting their talent, vanity and brilliance in each performance.

Sensorial Sunsets