San José is full of hidden treasures and this time we are talking about the Church of Nuestra Señora de La Merced, one of the few gothic buildings in the country. 

In 1816, a first church was built to honor the Virgen de las Mercedes; in 1888, an earthquake caused its collapse so it was rebuilt on the land occupied by the Municipal Theater; and where the first church was, the Central Bank was built. For this reason, the present church is not located within the district of La Merced. 

The central tower stands out in the city for its German Gothic style. The building is made of brick and the roof covering is made of iron. But when you enter you will see a beautiful mahogany ceiling, supported by wooden columns decorated with paintings by the Italian artist Adriano Arié. 

These are the details that make this monument unique in the country: marble veneers, mosaic floors, rose windows, gardens, stained glass windows. 

Without a doubt, the church of La Merced is a hidden gem of San José that tells a lot about the history of Costa Rica. 

Author: Mónica Gallardo for Sensorial Sunsets

Source: Wikipedia