Discover one of the best places in Costa Rica to dive. Murciélago Islands are a paradise waiting for your visit.

The Murciélago Islands are located at the northern end of the Pacific coast, in front of Santa Rosa National Park, in the sector of the Santa Elena Peninsula. It is part of the Guanacaste Conservation Area.

This whole area is made up of 5 islands and 10 islets. The islet “San Pedrillo” is the most famous among them because here come big fish such as bull sharks, whale sharks, sailfish and giant manta rays.


The Murciélago Islands are the second best place to dive in Costa Rica, after la Isla del Coco.

Here there is an abundance of wonderful wildlife, whose visibility can reach up to 80 feet on its best days.

Keep in mind that it takes almost an hour by boat to get here and there are no hotels or places to stay. However, there is the option of staying with park rangers near your station. However, this can only be done with prior authorization, which is difficult to obtain.


If you visit the Bat Islands, you will see abundant coral reefs, rocky pinnacles and caves.

In addition, the cold and warm water currents that form in the area gather near the outer islands and attract many species of fish and marine creatures. On top of that, on the beaches found in the north of the largest island, green and black turtles arrive every year for their nesting season.

In the past, visitors were allowed to walk the trail that crosses the largest island, however, due to biodiversity protection efforts, this trail is now closed to tourists.

Experts recommend tours in this area after the month of May, due to the strong winds of the season.

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