History of Pérez Zeledón: foundation, challenges, economic development, historical events and its natural wealth in Costa Rica.

October 9, 1931 marked a before and after in the history of Costa Rica. On this date the canton of Pérez Zeledón was founded, an event that significantly transformed the south of the country. The inhabitants of the El General Valley, until then united to Dota, experienced a sense of freedom with this separation, highlighting the importance of the creation of the new canton.

Leaders And Founders

Federico Maubach

The founding of Pérez Zeledón would not have been possible without the guidance and direction of the priest Federico Maubach and the teachers Gustavo Meza and Enrique Táuler, of German, Chilean and Spanish nationalities respectively.

Under his leadership, the local inhabitants began a movement to persuade the doteños to accept the separation. Finally, canton number nineteen of the province of San José was established by decree number thirty-one on October 9, 1931, with the districts of Ureña, El General, Daniel Flores and Rivas.

Challenges And Development

The development of Pérez Zeledón was not without its challenges.

The conquest of Cerro de la Muerte was an arduous and painful process for many families, due to the extreme climate and lack of adequate roads. However, the construction of the Interamerican Highway between 1936 and 1945 significantly improved communication with the Central Valley and the Los Santos area.

Pérez Zeledón was also the scene of important events during the Civil War of 1948. The landing field in the area allowed José Figueres Ferrer to bring arms and men into the country, and crucial battles were fought in places such as the present-day Escuela 12 de marzo de 1948 and the district of Daniel Flores. These events left an indelible mark on the history of the canton and the country.

Growth And Economy

History of Pérez Zeledón: foundation, challenges, economic development, historical events and its natural wealth in Costa Rica.

Thanks to the determination of its inhabitants, Pérez Zeledón has grown and prospered. In 2021, the estimated population was 145,000 people, distributed in eleven districts. Agriculture is a key economic activity, with the production of basic grains, tubers, sugar cane, fruits, coffee and bananas. Livestock is also successfully developed thanks to the abundance of water.

Tourism And Education

The geographical location of Perez Zeledon is privileged, with access to beaches, waterfalls, rivers and mountains. Cerro Chirripó, the highest point in the country, attracts thousands of tourists every year. In addition, the canton has focused on promoting tourism and local culture, organizing events such as the Festival Luces del Valle (Lights of the Valley Festival) and the night athletics race.

In terms of education, Pérez Zeledón has a solid infrastructure ranging from preschool to higher education, with the presence of public and private universities.

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