The San José shnit Festival (Worldwide Shortfilmfestival) is a festival that aims to exhibit and promote short films. Learn more about it.

If you live in San José or have visited the city these days, you may see posters and advertisements for the Shnit San Jose Festival. But what is this festival all about?

Shnit Festival

It was born in Switzerland and gradually spread to more countries. Today the festival is held in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cape Town (South Africa), Bern (Switzerland), Moscow (Russia), Cairo (Egypt) and San José (Costa Rica).

The event is celebrating its 20th year at the international level and has positioned itself as one of the most outstanding short film festivals in the world. In Costa Rica, it is celebrating 13 years of being organized in the country.

Main activities

The Festival has the largest presence of national and international short films in San José. It aims to showcase the most outstanding national cinema and also to recognize the creators with special awards.

Internationally selected short films are presented, competing in the Worldwide category. Within this international section there are special screenings of MAGIC MIX, LOVE shnit, short films related to love and human relationships and HEAVY shnit, raw and tragic stories.

At the national level there are also other functions. There is the Made in Costa Rica section, competing for the Jury Prize and the Audience Award. Also, the section Sabor Local: Churchill, which provides a space for local creators to produce cinematographic stories. Finally, this year the shnit REEL Time contest was added, in which short films made in 48 hours compete, awarded by the jury and the public.

Workshops and creative spaces

The shnit not only involves the screening of short films, but a series of audiovisual workshops are implemented in different universities in the country.

There are also spaces dedicated to learning and reflection, led by professionals in the field of audiovisual production.

On top of that, after the performances, parties with different artistic presentations are organized as a closing event.

Date and place

The San Jose shnit Festival (Worldwide Shortfilmfestival) is a festival that aims to exhibit and promote short films. Learn more about it.

The Shnit San José Festival takes place at the cine Magaly during the dates of October 5 to October 15.

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