Sport fishing is a very popular activity in Costa Rica. Learn about the species that can be found in its seas and lakes.

Sport fishing is the sporting activity related to the field of fishing. It is performed by individuals or teams of people for recreation or competition. There are various techniques to perform it and there are also competitions that can be performed in rivers, lagoons, seashore and open sea.

One of Costa Rica’s main attractions is angling. In fact, many anglers from all over the world come to the country to do this activity, registering several world records caught every year.

Costa Rica is a country bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and has a mixture of shallow bays, reefs and deep offshore waters, home to many species of fish.

Pacific Ocean

Rooster fish. Source: Pinterest

The Pacific Ocean is home to big game fish. In fact, the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) has organized several tournaments here.

In its waters, roosterfish are found (in shallow waters). In addition, in the Gulf of Nicoya, the Gulf of Papagayo and in the smaller bays there are jacks or snooks near the rivers.

Along the reefs, porgys, groupers and mackerels are also hiding. Also, in deep waters are yellowfin tuna, Mahi Mahi and wahoo.

Caribbean Sea

Sailfish. Source: nauticalnewstoday

Sport fishing in Costa Rica also has another facet: fishing in the Caribbean Sea.

There are also snooks and jacks, and on top of that, one of the most sought-after species: the big tarpon. This is found during the first half of the year in the bays and inlets.

The Caribbean Sea is home to porgys, groupers, wahoos, kingfish, tripletail fish and Mahi Mahi. What’s more, sailfish swim in the deep waters offshore.

Freshwater fishing

Freshwater fishing is practiced from jungle rivers to open lakes.

One of the most popular and largest lakes in Costa Rica is Lake Arenal, a lake that protects the Arenal Volcano in Alajuela. Here are the guapote fish, the machaca fish, nicknamed the mini tarpon.

Best seasons

Costa Rica has a uniform and warm climate throughout the year. So fishing will always be productive in any season.

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Sport fishing is a very popular activity in Costa Rica. Learn about the species that can be found in its seas and lakes.

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