Learn about the Vivero Bosque Azul project, which seeks to reforest the Huacas-Tamarindo aquifer and protect the area’s environment.

The Vivero Bosque Azul project seeks to promote reforestation in areas that are fundamental for the environment in the Huacas-Tamarindo area.

Why is it important? This area is undergoing increasing tourism and housing development, but, at the same time, it is facing a crisis of development and integrated water management. Thus, the project would help the recovery of this subway water source.

What does the Vivero Bosque Azul consist of?

As its name indicates, the project consists of a community nursery located in Villarreal, on property owned by the Municipality of Santa Cruz.

The nursery has 1,500 trees that in the coming months will be planted in different places such as Las Baulas National Marine Park, Playa Langosta and Tamarindo center.

The species planted are: guapinol, leucaena, cocobolo, mamón criollo, espabel, oak, aceituno, cenízaro, mahogany, guanacaste, cedar, chestnut and malinche.

But the nursery not only functions as a means for reforestation, but also as a site for ecological education for students from schools and colleges. It also has tables and other didactic resources for this occupation.

Two planting days were carried out, in the first one 115 trees were planted and in the second one 160 trees were planted to complete the mission of 275 trees planted.

Entities involved

Learn about the Vivero Bosque Azul project, which seeks to reforest the Huacas-Tamarindo aquifer and protect the area's environment.

This project is possible thanks to the administration of the Asociación de Educación y Compromiso Social Integral (ECODESI) and the Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Villarreal, with the support of The Clean Wave Foundation.

It has been visited by several entities such as the Culture, Education and Psychology Association for Children and Adolescents (CEPIA) and the Ocean Light Learning Institute (OLLI), an educational center located in the community of Huacas.

The reforestation in Tamarindo is an important and necessary initiative for the conservation of dry tropical forests and the protection of local biodiversity. The local community and environmentalists remain committed to restoring the forests and creating a more sustainable future for Tamarindo and its inhabitants.

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