Discover the magic Forest of Prusia in the Irazú Volcano National Park: trails, fauna, flora and unique attractions in Cartago.

The Prusia Forest, located in the Irazú Volcano National Park in Cartago, is a natural treasure that offers a unique experience to visitors.

It opens its doors from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with the last admission allowed to the Cráteres sector at 2:00 p.m. and to the Prussia sector at 1:00 p.m.

The entrance fee is ¢1,130 for nationals, ¢565 for national children, $16.95 for foreign adults and $5.65 for foreign children. Seniors have free admission. You can pay in cash or by credit card. Parking is free from Monday to Friday, and on weekends it has a cost of ¢1.000, destined as a collaboration for the Red Cross.

The park has several facilities for visitors’ convenience: a meeting room, an exhibition room, drinking water, restrooms and picnic areas. For school excursions, it is possible to arrange an entrance fee waiver.

Among the nearby places to visit are the Durán Sanatorium, the Irazú Volcano, the Ujarrás Viewpoint, the Orosi Viewpoint and the Ujarrás Ruins.

You can buy your ticket and reserve to go to the Prussia sector in this link.

Exploring The Prussian Forest

Discover the magic Forest of Prusia in the Irazú Volcano National Park: trails, fauna, flora and unique attractions in Cartago.

The Prussian Forest is the perfect getaway for a weekend with family, as a couple or with friends. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes to fully enjoy nature.

The tour is self-guided, allowing visitors to explore at their own pace. The main trail covers approximately 16 km, making it the only park in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) with so many kilometers of marked trails.


One of the most famous attractions of the forest is the “Haunted Tree”. To reach it, follow the El Roble trail, then the El Puma trail and finally the Sendero de Los Abuelos trail. It is crucial to take a picture of the map when entering to guide you along the trail.

Other points of interest are::

  • Cerro Retes: From here you can see the slopes of the Irazú volcano.
  • Cerro Cabeza de Vaca: It offers views of the Barva Volcano and the Reventado Lagoon.

During the tour, it is possible to find diverse fauna such as endemic birds, gray foxes, coyotes, coatis, coatis, tolomucos and porcupines, as well as vegetation composed of eucalyptus, pines and other species.

Access Routes

There are several routes to get to the park. From San José, take the Florencio del Castillo highway to Tierra Blanca, and then follow the road to Irazú Volcano. From Cartago, drive along Route 219 to Tierra Blanca. Bus options are also available thanks to the growing tourism in the area.

Sustainable Enjoyment

The Prusia Forest not only offers an incredible landscape, but also a biodiversity that is part of Costa Rica’s heritage. It is important to respect the environment, avoiding lighting campfires, hunting animals or damaging the plants. It is recommended to bring enough hydration and be prepared for the cold and wet weather.

Visiting the Prusia Forest is an enriching experience for nature lovers. With its diverse trails and attractions, this park offers a unique opportunity to disconnect and enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this magical place!

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