I want to share some situations that are experienced daily on the road, hoping that other contributions serve to raise awareness, analyze and take actions that mitigate this problem of road traffic in Costa Rica.

Months ago I was moving in my vehicle by the wide street around Alajuela and in a curve two elderly ladies decided to cross in that inappropriate area, I did not travel fast and it became easy to slow down and let them pass, With a gesture of gratitude the ladies were passing in front of the car when suddenly a motorcyclist decided to go ahead and when spotting the ladies lost control of his bike and was about to fall.

After that episode I analyzed the elements present in the scene and in my view this poor road education combined with the recklessness of the rider, the overconfidence and courtesy claimed by the ladies could cause a serious accident.

Thereafter I try to be more attentive and observant of these road situations, I’ve seen mothers accompanying children to schools crossing the streets in dangerous places, people passing under pedestrian bridges with hearing aids and body language that betrays a lack of interest in their exposure to risk, cyclists invading the opposite lane by traveling in platoon among many other recklessness of drivers who do not measure the danger.

Driver education often refers to defensive driving, but in our country, we have to stop and think about our daily actions when mobilizing.

I understand that my comments may create controversies between the concepts of gentleness, logic and the law, but it is necessary to create these spaces of discussion in family and even in our workplaces to improve our way of traveling sharing experiences circulating on foot or in another means of transport.

I close this participation with the words I heard from a Red Cross long ago.

“If only one life is saved the work is accomplished”

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