” By Chepe from home” is the name of the virtual editions offered by the Art City Tour, since the arrival of the pandemic. These are trips through cultural and urban spaces that allow the public to get an exclusive look at works of art, objects and architectural corners, guided by experts.

This edition will be available this year until March 2023, so don’t miss this amazing opportunity. With its interactive platform, you can explore different types of art and learn about the stories behind them. From sculptures, paintings and installations to digital media experiences, there is something for everyone. Then,

Why not take a break from your daily routine and embark on a virtual journey through the world of art?

The virtual version of the Art City Tour, with two “on demand” episodes that bring together eleven stories to take us through unique processes of creation and that highlight the heritage of protected spaces and expressions of our popular culture.

Furthermore, it also features six stories that highlight the theme of cultural heritage, which will take us through protected spaces and expressions of our popular culture while we learn details of our host space located in the heart of Barrio Amón. In other words, you will be able to experience stories told by artists and creators who have been working hard to bring their visions to life.

Free Access

With the rise of remote work, the concept of ‘working from home’ has become increasingly popular. As such, many people are now looking for ways to make their home workspace more productive and enjoyable. In other words, ” By Chepe from Home” offers a unique approach to this issue by providing cultural and urban spaces that can be explored exclusively through their works.

With the support and sponsorship of Davivienda, Esencial Costa Rica is proud to present its first edition of ” By Chepe from home”. This event will provide an opportunity for people to connect, learn, share ideas and create solutions that will help them make the most of their work from home. Participants will also gain access to exclusive content from industry experts on how to stay productive while working remotely.

In this way, it brings objects, architectural corners and other elements of urban life into your virtual workspace. It is free for all users, allowing them to explore these spaces at no cost or obligation. Through this platform, you can transform your home into a creative and inspiring environment that fosters productivity and creativity. Therefore, it allows you to explore new cultures while staying in the comfort of your home.

Free access for a limited time at the following link: https://bit.ly/3De90vA

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