Cahuita is a unique national park in Costa Rica because of its close relationship with the community, an example of shared management between the community and the government for sustainable development at the community level. The participation of park rangers and community lifeguards is highlighted through shared governance practices.

Located on Costa Rica’s picturesque Caribbean coast, it is home to a series of paradisiacal beaches that attract visitors with their natural beauty and a variety of exciting activities.

Playa Blanca: The Gem of Cahuita National Park

At the main entrance to Cahuita National Park is the famous Playa Blanca. With white sand, bordered by palm trees and lush forests. To contribute to the conservation of the park, a voluntary donation is requested at the entrance, open from 8 am to 4 pm. For a guided hike, there is an opportunity to observe the rich wildlife, while snorkeling on the coral reef reveals a fascinating underwater world.

Round Rock Beach: Treasure Between Cahuita and Black Beach

Located halfway between downtown Cahuita and Playa Negra is the charming Round Rock Beach. With its black sand and tranquil atmosphere, this less-traveled beach is perfect for those seeking peace and serenity. The proximity to downtown makes it a convenient and relaxing getaway.

Playa Negra: Surfing, Horses and Costa Rican Gastronomy

Located just 1 km northwest of downtown Cahuita, Playa Negra is famous for its black sand and vibrant atmosphere. Ideal for surfers and horseback riders, the beach also has a variety of bars and restaurants along the coast. Because of easy access from several hotels and proximity to the road, it is an accessible destination.

Playa Grande: Tranquility and Privacy in the National Park

Nearby, 3 km northwest of the center of Cahuita, is Playa Grande, a little known gem. Offering gray sand and few pebbles, this beach offers an intermediate swell and is perfect for relaxing. Despite belonging to the Cahuita National Park, Playa Grande attracts fewer visitors, providing a more intimate atmosphere. Close to lodging options in Cahuita, visitors can enjoy the tranquility without sacrificing comfort.

Puerto Vargas: Special Entrance to Costa Rican Paradise

Within the Cahuita National Park, Puerto Vargas is a special corner that requires an entrance fee and offers facilities such as barbecue areas. Located about 3 km from Cahuita in the direction of Puerto Viejo, this access guarantees a unique experience. Open from 7 am to 5 pm, the beach is accessible by vehicle, providing the opportunity to explore this coastal wonder.

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