The Extra Newspaper, recognized as the best-selling newspaper in Costa Rica, ceased operations on June 1, 2023, surprising many readers and followers. Throughout its 45 years of existence, the editors of this newspaper left a mark on the lives of Costa Ricans.

Origins of Extra Newspaper

Founded in September 1978, Diario Extra was born with a singular vision of the media landscape. From its beginnings, it was defined as a media with a particular handling of information, committed to not hiding anything that happened in Costa Rica. However, its direct and sensationalist approach made it a popular source for those looking for quick news and entertainment.

Due to our commercial and professional positions of not wanting to hide anything that happens in Costa Rica, on different occasions we have had serious disagreements, especially with members of the authorities.

Over the years, it established its reputation as a newspaper that dared to challenge the institutions of power and give voice to the most marginalized sectors of society. The newspaper’s commercial and professional stance, based on transparency of information, generated disagreements with members of the political and economic spheres of influence. Nevertheless, Diario Extra remained steadfast in its intention to offer broad and accessible coverage of events in the country.

Impact and recognition

Their journalistic approach, often sensationalist, managed to capture the public’s attention and maintain high sales rates. Daily editors understood the population and gained the trust of a large number of readers eager for information and entertainment.

In addition, Diario Extra is not only limited to printed pages, but also ventured into other media. Grupo Extra, owner of the newspaper, expanded its operations to radio with Radio America and television with Extra TV 42. This diversification allowed the group to reach an even larger audience and consolidate its position as one of the main players in the Costa Rican media landscape.

The unexpected closure

In May 31, 2023, Grupo Extra announced the official closure of its operations, disconcerting its supporters and the general public. The company mentioned in its press release several situations that motivated this decision and expressed its concern for the future of Costa Rican democracy. Thanked its loyal readers, listeners and viewers for their support throughout its 45 years of existence, as well as its criers, correspondents and all the Group’s employees.

According to the Costa Rican Association of Journalists (Colper), Grupo Extra’s announcement is “terrible news” for the country.

When a media outlet disappears, we all lose; democracy suffers when there are fewer journalists to report on relevant national events and events of interest to citizens.

Throughout its history, the newspaper stood out for its particular approach to information and its courage to challenge the powers that be. Although its closure has generated sadness and concern, the legacy of Diario Extra will live on in the memory of those who appreciated its unique style and its dedication to keeping citizens informed.

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