For his farewell tour, Roger Waters wanted to give Costa Rica one last show and will return this year in December.

The legendary musician, former member of the band Pink Floyd, will return to Costa Rica after five years to give a concert on December 2 as part of his “This is not a Drill” tour.

The concert will take place at the National Stadium, which has a capacity for 35,000 people.

According to his tour itinerary, Costa Rica is the only Central American country on his list of countries to visit.

This is not a Drill

This is the seventh tour of this artist. Actually, it was proposed to be presented in 2020, but due to COVID-19 it had to be postponed.

In 2021, Waters called this tour “his first farewell tour.”

This tour will be part of a global movement by people who are concerned by others to affect the change that is necessary

Roger Waters

This tour will be more political and human than the previous one and you can expect songs like Happiest Days and Brick 2.

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Wish You Were Here performance in Prague as part of the This Is Not A Drill Tour


The first concert Waters gave in Costa Rica was in 2018 as part of his US+THEM tour and was attended by thousands of people. Its organizers state that it was one of the largest and most complex events ever held in the country.

Source: Instagram

It was a unique show in the country. Besides making the audience enjoy his music, Waters did not miss the opportunity to criticize the political events that were happening at the time: the figures of Trump and Bolsonaro, who at the time were in the public eye very often; the injustices in Japan, Afghanistan, the situation of refugees, etc.

With an impeccable sound system, intense projections and a very clear message for humanity, Roger Waters gave an unforgettable concert for his fans.

So what can we expect from this new presentation? Only good experiences and good music.

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