The Costa Rican flag is formed by three colors placed horizontally, a red stripe in the center between two white stripes, followed by a blue stripe. It was created on September 29, 1848 along with the National Coat of Arms. Tradition states that the conception and design of the current flag, in force since that year, corresponded to Doña Pacífica Fernández Oreamuno, wife of the first president of Costa Rica; José Castro Madriz, inspired by the flag of France.

The flag is tricolor by means of five horizontally placed stripes, a red one in the center between two white stripes, each of which is followed by a blue one. The width of each stripe is one-sixth that of the flag, except the red which is two-sixths.

The National Pavilion differs because centered on the red band, it bears embroidered on a white background the National Coat of Arms.

The colors represent:

Blue, the sky that covers Costa Rica.

White, represents the peace that reigns in Costa Rica.

Red, the love to live, the shedding of blood for freedom, and the generous attitude.

The stripes are in a 1:1:2:1:1:1 ratio.

source: Wikipedia