Carmen Naranjo Coto is one of the most important Costa Rican writers of the 20th century. She was a pioneer in combining words and images, creating works that have become iconic in the country’s cultural history.

Her unique writing style, which often included illustrations, made her books stand out from other authors of her time. He wrote about topics such as love, family and politics with a distinctive voice that addressed readers of all ages. Her works were not only popular in Costa Rica but also abroad. Readers from all over the world continue to enjoy her books, which have been translated into many languages.

Carmen Naranjo’s works were inspired by her own experiences, as well as those of others around her. She used words to create art that expressed joy, sadness and every emotion in between. Her pieces are a celebration of life and its complexities, capturing the beauty of everyday moments in unique ways.

A novel? To write a novel you have to live a whole life, you have to have a philosophy, you have to fill many pages. You won’t be able to do it tonight, so come and play for a while.

Carmen naranjo

The graphic production of Carmen Naranjo, her handling of space, line and color through the pen in her ” windows and astonishments” is still little known; a mixture of surprising drawings and small poetic texts.

Her work is a powerful example of how words can be transformed into images, creating a unique and captivating visual language. Through her illustrations, we can learn about her life and thoughts, as well as appreciate the beauty of her craft. Carmen Naranjo’s work is a reminder of how powerful words can be when combined with images.

The word that became an image

Her work has created several series of works based on poems, short stories and even a quick note. Through her artwork, she aims to capture the essence of the written word and express it through visual art. His work is a testament to how powerful words can be when transformed into something tangible like an image.

The anthropomorphic figures, the animals, his beloved trees and the natural landscape that he deeply loved make up the cosmos of her work. She has managed to capture the essence of nature in her works with a unique style that combines elements of realism and surrealism.

Through her art, Carmen Naranjo transmits a message of respect for nature and its inhabitants. These works are a reflection of her admiration for the beauty of nature and its creatures. She uses colors to express emotions such as joy, sadness or loneliness. Her pieces are also full of symbolism that viewers can interpret in many ways.

The windows of Carmen Naranjo

She began her artistic career by creating works that focused on the symbolic imagery in her work “La ventana” (The Window), where she used words to evoke a certain feeling in the viewer.

In this work, Naranjo uses a symbolic image to convey a message about the world. This image is a window that opens to another world, showing us a different perspective on life.

However, she soon broke free from this style and began to explore other ways of expressing herself through art. Subsequently, she went on to create works full of color and design, where both elements played a vital role in conveying her message.

Her work is not only beautiful but also thought-provoking. It encourages us to look at life differently and appreciate the beauty in everyday moments. The art allows us to take a step back from our hectic lives and reflect on our own experiences.

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