The Ministry of Culture and Youth, through the Center for Artistic and Cultural Production, organizes the Hecho Aquí 2023 cultural project. An encounter space for cultural entrepreneurship in crafts, design, agro-industry, gastronomy, visual arts, literary creation and publishing.

Exploring Creative Diversity

This traditional fair is a space for Costa Rican small business owners to showcase their products, and at the same time, for families to purchase gifts for the Christmas holidays, and in this way support national entrepreneurs.

The call for proposals will be open from September 18 to October 08 at 23:59 hours.

All Facets of Costa Rican Creativity

The Hecho Aquí Fair is divided into several categories of participation that cover a wide range of products and cultural expressions. Here we bring you the categories of participation in the fair:

  • Traditional Crafts: This category includes products made mainly by hand, although mechanical tools and equipment may be used. It is possible to classify them in two subcategories: Indigenous and Mixed Crafts, which arise from the mixture of traditional knowledge of different cultures.
  • Contemporary Handicrafts: This category includes products made using various modern craft techniques, aimed at the globalized market. Subclasses include Neo Crafts, which revitalizes cultural and natural heritage, and Handcrafted Souvenir, intended primarily for tourism.
  • Design: Design is a creative process that seeks to meet the diverse needs of people and industry. In the Made Here Fair, design products that reflect Costa Rican identities, use traditional elements and generate employment will be valued.
  • Visual Arts: visual arts products with Costa Rican identity, which may be serial works or unique pieces, such as engravings, paintings, ceramics, among others.
  • Books and Small Publishing Houses: Independent publishing houses and literary projects that promote Costa Rican publishing production and generate local employment are allowed to participate.
  • Gastronomy Products: Gastronomy-related businesses that meet certain health and food safety requirements and offer family combo options.
  • Agro-industrial Products: Enterprises in the agro-industrial sector may participate if their products are related to the Costa Rican identity and meet operational and safety requirements.
  • Products with the Costa Rica Artisanal Seal: Products with this seal can participate directly and will be located in shared stands, grouped by region.

For all categories, it is mandatory to complete the FHA2023 Participation Application Form in order to manage the registration of the products in the fair.

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