The Mercadito Azul is the first project of the Organic Cartago Association. Since 2013, it has been a network of conscious producers and consumers. Specifically, with the promotion of sustainable development models through agroecological practices. During 2015, this collective is legally constituted as a non-profit association, consolidating its commitment to organic agriculture and the welfare of the community.

Mercadito Azul: A Diverse and Healthy Market

The Mercadito Azul in Cartago:

Organics is not only an alternative for access to healthy food, but also contributes to preserving the environment by avoiding the use of agrochemicals and pesticides. Besides, it has been demonstrated that this agricultural system can even improve the performance of athletes, highlighting its value for health and well-being.

Costa Rica, being an important agricultural producer, faces the challenge of contamination in this sector. Faced with this problem, Mercadito Azul presents itself as a valuable solution by offering organic products free of agrochemicals. The main objective is to expand sustainable and economical agroecological practices among both producers and new consumers.

A Community Space.

It is located in Cartago, specifically in the residential park El Molino in front of the Civil Registry, every Saturday from 7:00 AM to 12:00 MD.

The market is much more than just a market for organic products, as it offers a wide variety of activities and services. From workshops on organic agriculture and vegan cheese making to open-air yoga sessions, it becomes a community space that promotes the integral wellbeing of its visitors.

This means that it not only offers a wide range of organic fruits, vegetables and greens, but also a selection of prepared foods and artisanal products. Consumers can find fresh and healthy options, such as eggs and cheeses, as well as processed products such as sauces and jellies. As well, for those looking for a delicious breakfast or personal care products, there are also options available.

The main intention of this little market is to promote the direct relationship between producers and consumers, creating a socially fair and economically convenient market alternative. Training, accompanying and empowering producers. In addition to educating and sensitizing consumers, it seeks to promote agro-ecological practices and change production and consumption patterns towards a more sustainable approach.

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