Next Saturday, November 4, 2023, art and music lovers have an unmissable date in the heart of Cartago, Costa Rica. The Collective of Cultural Management Vergel organizes a cultural event that has marked the life of the community: the Papeña Musical Festival.

A Day of Artistic and Community Celebration.

From 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, the Papeña Music Festival offers a day full of activities for all kinds of tastes. With a special focus on supporting local artists, the festival will include workshops, a craft fair and musical presentations. This event is highlighted as an opportunity for economic recovery and promotion of artists and cultural workers, many of whom were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions.

Scheduled Activities:

Workshops: from activities for early childhood to popular dance lessons designed for older adults.

Artisan Fair: The fair will be open from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Open Mic: available from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Concerts: from Mar Salguero to Sonora en Plutón, the program includes emerging and established artists from the province of Cartago.

Papeña Music Festival: Artists on Stage.

The Papeña Music Festival will bring together an eclectic selection of artists and bands to provide an unforgettable show:

Mar Salguero: Starts the evening with her musical proposal.

Melany Cubero Band 3:00 pm

Carisma de Venus: 4:00 pm.

Fabián Zuce Quinteto: 5:00 pm

Sonidero Barrio Fátima: cumbia rhythms to move to the beat of their music at 6:00 pm.

Sonora in Pluto: Closes the night with her unique style at 7:00 pm.

The artists each have a unique story to share through their music and represent cultural diversity and local talent.

The Papeña Music Festival is more than an event; it is a demonstration of the community’s commitment to art, culture and the recovery of a sector as fundamental as the cultural one. An open invitation for everyone, a day to celebrate, learn and enjoy in the midst of creative expression and mutual support.

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