Sendero: “Urban Incubator of Creative Industries” is a vibrant community of entrepreneurs located in Barrio Escalante, San José, Costa Rica, covering diverse areas such as art, gastronomy, design, fashion and technology. This project is part of the broader initiative called Rutas Naturbanas, which aims to connect people with the city through nature.

Sendero: A Creative Oasis in the Urban Heart of Barrio Escalante.

Collaborating with Fundación Árboles Mágicos and ChepeCletas, Sendero has created the Sendero Urbano Barrio Escalante.

Sendero Escalante serves as both a physical space and a platform for promoting responsible environmental awareness, urban consciousness, and mobility. The main characteristics of the project include its focus on innovative design, which seeks to harmonize the space through landscaping and habitability.

Also, organizes Design Week Costa Rica, a fair uniting designers from Costa Rica and Central America. This event seeks not only to promote creativity in design, but also to foster values such as sustainability and urban beautification.

Innovation and Culture in Motion.

As a multi-city initiative inspired by the motto “Urban Incubator of Creative Industries”, Sendero develops programs that promote empathy, experimentation and a responsible conscience towards the environment and the city. These programs are carried out from cultural houses with a high historical value, serving as platforms for the development of diverse axes:

  • Sustainability: Through planting, production and reproduction programs, Sendero seeks to rehabilitate urban spaces with green life and oxygen, promoting environmental and ecological enterprises and raising awareness of the importance of natural resources.

  • Conscious Cities: Sendero is positioned as a space for citizen innovation laboratory, offering tools and training in technology, design and other fields for civil society, in order to promote transformative changes towards friendlier and cleaner cities.
  • Art and Culture: Through this program, Sendero promotes the development of artistic proposals that enhance urban spaces and their identity, supporting artists and cultural enterprises through access to grants and intersectoral projects.
  • Gastronomy: Sendero develops a gastronomic program that promotes experimental, healthy and responsible cuisine, as well as serving as a space for the convergence and exchange of gastronomic knowledge at the national and international level.

Finally, Sendero: “Urban Incubator of Creative Industries” stands as an engine of innovation and development in Barrio Escalante and beyond, integrating art, gastronomy, design, technology and environmental awareness into the urban fabric of Costa Rica and Colombia.

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