Surfing in Costa Rica is one of the most important sports in the country. Meet its team in the next surfing World Cup.

Thanks to its beaches and waves, Costa Rica is an ideal territory for surfing. Both locals and tourists enjoy the sea either to learn or practice this sport in a more professional way.

Indeed, Costa Rica has excelled in this sport worldwide and has sent great athletes to the most important events such as the Olympics.

This time, we will talk about the 2023 World Surfing Championship to be held from May 30 to June 7 in El Salvador.

The Costa Rican team is composed of 3 women, 3 men and 4 alternates. Here we tell you about the participants:

Brisa Hennessy

Brisa Hennessy. Source: Instagram

Brisa made a name for herself in the last Olympics. She managed to qualify as one of the top 8 athletes in this discipline worldwide.

Leilani McGonagle

Leilani McGonagle. Source: Instagram

She competes in the World Surf League and managed to represent the country in the 2020 Olympic Games after winning fifth place in the ISA World Surfing Games.

Nataly Bernold

Nataly Bernold. Source: Instagram

Nataly is a member of the Roxy Surf Team in Costa Rica and also teaches at the Jacó Sea Surf Academy.

Carlos Muñoz

Carlos Muñoz. Source: Instagram

He is the first Costa Rican male surfer to reach the top division of the World Surf League. He has already participated in several world tournaments and in the Pan American Games. Carlos has a total of 9 national championships distributed in the categories Mini Grommets, Grommets, Junior, Boys and OPEN.

Tomas King

On the right, Tomas King. Source: Instagram

He is one of the most well known surfers in Costa Rica. Indeed, he obtained the 2018-2020 Olympic scholarship awarded by the International Olympic Committee thanks to his great performance riding the waves.

Malakai Martínez

Malakai Martínez. Source: Instagram

Malakai is one of the youngest contestants. He has already won several victories in National Scholasting Surfing Association championships in the United States.

No doubt this is a great team that will represent Costa Rica in the next world surfing championship.

Let’s learn more about Costa Rican talent in any discipline!

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