As a result of what happened last Monday in Perez Zeledon, here are some tips on how to defend yourself from a dog attack.

Last Monday, a dog attacked a child in a farm in Perez Zeledon leaving him unfortunately dead. It is an event that has shocked half of the Costa Rican population.

For this reason, we share with you some tips that could save your life in case of a dog attack.

Why do dogs attack?

All dogs have different personalities and react differently, which means that even if they are harmless dogs most of the time, they can react negatively to any kind of stimulus in an impromptu manner.

The causes can be many: the space where he lives is not adequate, he has some physical discomfort, fear, stress, protection, etc.

However, aggressive attitudes in dogs are mostly due to poor training of the human towards the dog, as they are not taught a good socialization with people.

According to ethologist Angelica Gonzalez, dogs always attack for a reason:

[But not with] the intention of being mean or seeking revenge, because the way they process emotions does not include those kinds of feelings.”

Something very important to emphasize is that the breed of the dog does not determine its dangerousness.

What should I do in case of a dog attack?

If you see a person being attacked by this animal, the first thing is to remain calm and never pull the victim, as it could activate the dog’s hunting instinct. The best thing to do is to block the dog and release tension from the element that the animal is biting.

Another important tip is never hit the animal because it will increase its aggressiveness. To try to get the dog to open its mouth, you can cover its nostrils and distract it with another object so you can get away from the dog.

In order for these events to stop happening, let’s educate ourselves and be responsible for our animals.

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