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It is not a very well known place in Costa Rica, we could say that it is a little hidden and unique treasure. 

To get there, you should know that it is near the San Lorenzo dam in Bajo Rodriguez, which belongs to the district of San Lorenzo, San Ramon. Any type of vehicle can enter the place and the best of all is that its entrance is free. 

But what makes this place unique? As the name suggests, basaltic columns are not very common to see in Costa Rican landscapes. These are nature columns typical of Iceland, Japan, Ireland, Scotland and the United States. These columns are formed when lava cracks as it dries and is eroded by the sea or some other body of water. It is a process of thousands of years, which makes these landscapes worth admiring. 

The basaltic columns of San Ramon were eroded by the San Lorenzo River, now ready for you to enjoy for yourself. 

Author: Mónica Gallardo for Sensorial Sunsets

Source: Las Columnas Basálticas en Bajo Rodriguez, San Ramón – La Fiebre de Viajar