This area is located within the Poas Volcano National Park and is the westernmost part of the main crater of this volcano. In various social networks, it has been highlighted how impressive this place is as an alternative tourist attraction to attract visitors.

In the last two years, it has become known as The Canyon of Mordor, thanks to its great similarity to the town in the Lord of the Rings movie.

Actually, the objective has been achieved because there are many people who have made excursions to visit this place, attracted by the desolate landscape, the scenic beauty, the lack of vegetation and how strange this place is. However, it is a quite dangerous area due to volcanic activity and volcanic gases.

High Risk Zone

This place is located within an absolute protection zone so that people are not allowed to stay here. This is in addition to the fact that it is located in a zone that is directly affected in the event of an eruption of the volcano or constant emanation of gases from the volcano, which is reason enough to consider it a risk area. In other words, there are no safe entrances to cover a rescue of people who are trapped in case of an emergency in this place.

However, the current official viewpoint is located at the boundary of this restricted area. While it does receive the gases emitted by the volcano and is vulnerable to an eventual eruption, precautionary measures are taken in case of an emergency.

Progress towards a geotourism route

In Costa Rica there are national parks that are divided into sections. Therefore, it is proposed to the authorities of Poás Volcano National Park to establish a sector called Quemaderos Sector to enable the geotourism route. A way to promote the economic development of the neighboring communities that would use this route to officially attract visitors.

Currently people visit Los Quemaderos in an irregular manner without adequate security measures. But if authorities such as the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and SINAC establish the proper protocols for visiting and managing the geotourism route to Mordor Canyon in Poás Volcano, they would have more control over the safety of their visitors, promoting the economic development of neighboring communities and in turn, promoting the development of geothermal activities in the country.

Sensorial Sunsets