Meet Clowntopus, a multi-instrumental artist and the new single “Bailar en tu mente” which has just been released.

Multi-Instrumental Artist

Source: Clowntopus on Instagram

Clowntopus is one of this week’s pleasant surprises.

He is a multi-instrumental artist and music producer with Funk/Pop, Hip Hop and electronic influences.

This very creative project starts with Lo-Fi and some animations. This managed to position Clowntopus in an important Spotify list, reaching 10 thousand plays in one year.

Clowntopus composes his own songs. In addition, he is in charge of making his video clips, which are linked to the catchy rhythms and intense sensations of his music.

New Single “Bailar En Tu Mente” (Dancing In Your Mind)

Two weeks ago was the release of the single “Bailar en tu mente”, a Funk/Pop song with a bit of psychedelia, accompanied by an animation by the same artist. It is a project that mixes music and animation in one mind.

The song talks about learning to improvise in the routine, where even though we all have a daily routine when facing a new challenge that alters it, we must learn to improvise.

Here is the video for you to enjoy:

Bailar en tu mente by Clowntopus. From YouTube

Clowntopus, The Project

The kaleidoscopic tunnels, created by their Nu-Disco frequencies, could transport you to the colorful and mythical animated world, where psychedelic waves and images are part of an audiovisual experience. This is able to immerse the viewer’s mind in a world full of danceable rhythms, until you reach the point where you will not be able to stop moving.

The essence of his music lies in his multi-instrumental performance. Indeed, it is realized by means of its tentacles and carried out in an animated world where creativity and illusion complement each other perfectly to intensify emotions.

Definitely, there is still a lot of talent to be discovered and we love this one!

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