Jorge Emilio Castro Fonseca graduated from the School of Dramatic Arts at the University of Costa Rica in 2015. He studied the MBA in Management and Business Administration at the University of Chile in 2015- 2016, in the Full-Time mode. She holds certifications from the Inter-American Development Bank in Digital Government and Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Government, a Micro- Master’s Degree at the University of Cordoba in Argentina in People Management, a certification from the University of Navarra in Keys to People Management and a certification from the Inter-American Development Bank in Project Management in PM4R methodologies. In addition, he holds other certifications in E-Learning platforms in Diversity Recruitment, How to Create a Competitive Environment in Companies, and Orange Economy. He is a researcher on the topic of Creative Economy, has been a Manager, Director and entrepreneur. He is currently a consultant in process improvement for the German Embassy and the Goethe Center.