Costa Rica has impressive waterfalls, which have become a favorite destination for many tourists. So here are some waterfalls for you to take a day tour and get to know your country.

La Diana Waterfall


The name of this site is due to a story, a little story about how a mother now becomes a waterfall. Diana is the mother, the mountain, the sunset, the moon, the stars, as well as, the waterfall.

The river, turquoise, is very deep. Actually, to get to the waterfall you must venture out for a swim. However, in this magical place there is an ancient tree that looks out from the depths of the pool.

In other words, this is a beautiful hidden treasure in the mountains of Cinchona, Alajuela. But although access is free, it is quite complex. In fact, this is due to the fact that upstream of this waterfall there is a dam reservoir, where if the floodgate is opened it generates changes in the flow.

Angel Gabriel Waterfall

San Ramón

The Angel Gabriel Waterfall in Zapotal de San Ramon. The way to get to the waterfall is very varied. From the north: take route 1, passing through Palmares to San Ramón. Here you turn to Piedades Sur and then take the road to San Antonio de Zapotal for another hour of rough road.

The waterfall is approximately 40 m high, with a perfect temperature.

Vuelta del Cañón Waterfall 

Bajos del Toro

Bajos del Toro is probably one of the areas in Costa Rica with the most accessible waterfalls for the public.

The Vuelta del Cañon waterfall is located in Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica. This spectacular attraction stands out for its incredible shades of blue and green, making it one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica.

However, to access the waterfall it is necessary to cross a private property. The price is $12 per person with a guide included, the latter makes this excursion possible. In fact, the guide is helpful as the trail is not trivial and you will have to cross the river at least 10 times.

El Indio Waterfall and El Rey Waterfall


Both located in the community of Mastatal de Puriscal, near the Cangreja National Park. Only two and a half hours from San Jose.

Puriscal is known for its beautiful landscapes for hiking and also for the famous chicharron fair. Besides exploring the beautiful nature, you can enjoy the incredible waterfall breeze, delicious food and picture perfect views.

These waterfalls have a jump of more than 140 meters of water. Due to its unique rock formation, the falls are not perpendicular to the ground, but resemble long flat and wide slides.

The trail is approximately two kilometers long. Along the trails you will walk through pastures, and different types of forests, as well as oil palm plantations.

Aquiares Waterfall

Santa Cruz, Turrialba

The tour starts in the old town, at the Aquiares Chapel, of great architectural value. To access the waterfall, you enter through a coffee farm with a very beautiful landscape until you reach the Turrialba River.

The Aquiares waterfall has a height of 50 meters, in an icy and crystalline pond. In this adventure trip you can enjoy various landscapes, among them, the first is the view of the valleys of Orosi and Ujarrás. Another example is the woven plantations of Chayotes, Cañaverales and Reventazón in the background. The view of the Turrialba is impressive, the lodge is very comfortable and the gardens are beautiful.

Besides the waterfall of the Aquiares River, the town has two very important attractions: the first is its Church, very beautiful, built all in tin, large and very cool inside, the second is the Aquiaresó Tree, the tree of life. The latter is a monument to life itself, a ceiba tree on a hill that the locals take care of at any cost, a sentinel on foot that also protects the people.

Sensorial Sunsets