Every Thursday in November at 6pm, at the Carthaginian Culture Center, the film series entitled “Rethinking Masculinity” will take place. This event aims to challenge traditional conceptions of masculinity, encourage the transformation of preconceived ideas and seek changes that contribute to improving the quality of life. It seeks to encourage reflection on this topic through the seventh art.

Film Cycle: selection of movies

  • Thursday, November 9: Nobody’s Watching

Nico, an argentine actor, decides to try his luck in New York, but soon discovers that his physical appearance doesn’t fit, as others perceive him as too Caucasian to look Latino’ and with ‘too thick an accent to look American. So Nico ends up working as a caregiver for Theo, a baby to whom he will unexpectedly become attached.

  • Thursday, November 16: Billy Elliot

In 1984, during a miners’ strike in County Durham, clashes break out between pickets and police. Tony and his father are among the most exalted miners. His father has insisted that Billy, his youngest son, take boxing lessons. But although the boy has good footwork, he has no punch. One day at the gym, Billy observes Mrs. Wilkinson’s ballet class, a stern woman who encourages him to participate. From that moment on, Billy will be passionately devoted to dance.

  • Thursday, November 23: Shame

Brandon, a handsome young New Yorker, has serious problems controlling and enjoying his hectic sex life. Obsessed with sex, he spends his days looking at pornographic magazines, hiring prostitutes and having sporadic relationships with single women in Manhattan. Suddenly, one day, his younger sister Sissy shows up at his house with the intention of staying at his apartment for a few days.

  • Thursday, November 30: I’m not an easy man

Everything changes overnight for confirmed bachelor Damien, who wakes up in a matriarchal society and falls in love with Alexandra. Now he must work to decipher the inverted codes of this new world.

This selection of films will address various themes, including care, sexuality, privilege, experience in public spaces, violence, gender roles and mandates. As such, it seeks to focus on social structures, providing a broad perspective on the complexity of contemporary masculinity.

The Carthaginian Culture Center is located 100 meters west of the Municipality of Cartago and can be easily located on navigation applications such as Waze or Google Maps.

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