One of the biggest surprises last year was the solo debut of Costa Rican pianist and singer-songwriter Sofi Paez, a new figure in national music who has quickly stood out for her talent and her ability to transmit emotions through the piano keys. In fact, the Association of Composers and Musical Authors of Costa Rica awarded her last year for her song “Diciembre”, which was selected as the best song of the contemporary classical genre.

A pianist and songwriter

Paez was born in San José and currently lives in Berlin. She studied piano at the Universidad Nacional, where she developed her technique and personal style, influenced mainly by classical music. After graduating, she began to compose her own pieces, mostly focused on the piano, showing her talent as one of the greatest revelations of the country’s music.

The compositions of this artist are inspired by the nature that surrounds her, which is reflected in the unique and enveloping atmosphere that her music transmits. Her sound is delicate, subtle and emotional, transmitting the beauty of the landscapes and the tranquility that is breathed in them.

Since December 2021 Sofi has debuted on various stages, showing her talent both inside and outside our borders. And she has already released two singles, to which we now add a new EP called Circles, released last April 21.


Her EP Circles consists of two songs: “Circles” and “If I Could Do It All Again”. This new release is another example of the talent and creativity of this young pianist, who continues to experiment with new sounds and explore new forms of expression.

“Circles” is the first song of the EP, a song that with an impeccable interpretation manages to transmit diverse sensations through each note. This composition, through an intense melody and with notes that intertwine in an organic way, reflects a cycle. With powerful and passionate moments, but also with moments of nostalgia.

The second song, “If I Could Do It All Again”, is a composition that reflects the desire to relive moments of the past and a feeling equivalent to absence. The melody is emotional and sentimental, with a harmonic progression that builds tension and emotion. Note after note the sound of the keys creates a dreamy atmosphere that invites you to close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the music.

This new EP by Sofi Paez represents the talent of one of the young artists who is increasingly consolidating her name in national and global music, capable of composing beautiful pieces with exquisite and subtle melodies that manage to transmit diverse emotions and engage the listener from the very first moment.

Finally, it is now available for purchase on Bandcamp or for streaming on platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, among others. We look forward to hearing more new music from Sofi Paez soon.

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