There are two unique places worth discovering in Bajo de Toro Amarillo, Costa Rica: the Pozas Celestes and the Rio Agrio Waterfall. Both of these natural nooks offer breathtaking views, trails surrounded by lush vegetation and the soothing sound of its waters.

Pozas Celestes

Celestial Pools exist due to a natural phenomenon involving the accumulation of minerals in the water. These minerals, such as copper sulfate and calcium carbonate, are carried by subway streams and deposited in the pools over time.

However, when sunlight reflects off the water containing these minerals, an optical effect occurs that creates the distinctive blue hue. A similar effect to the effect of light scattering in the atmosphere, which makes the sky appear blue.

Besides, the quiet atmosphere and the purity of the water will allow you to disconnect from everyday stress and connect with nature in its purest state. Although they are becoming more and more well-known, the Pozas Celestes do not yet attract crowds of tourists, which means you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.

Rio Agrio Waterfall

The Agrio River, which flows through the Bajos de Toro Amarillo area of Costa Rica, originates in the mountains and hillsides of the region.

River Agrio’s riverbed is characterized by its constant flow and the route it takes through the rainforest. As the water flows and descends through the terrain, it encounters a steep drop that results in the impressive Agrio River waterfall.

With a drop of several meters, this majestic waterfall creates a spectacle of moving water that is simply fascinating. The surrounding natural environment, with its lush vegetation and the mist that forms as the water falls, creates a magical setting full of life.

In addition, due to their remote location and the importance of preserving their natural environment, we recommend having a local guide to visit these wonders.

Sensorial Sunsets