Teatro al Mediodía (Theater at Noon) is a tradition in many countries around the world and Costa Rica is no exception. Theater at Noon is a tradition from ancient Greece, where people would gather to watch theatrical performances in the afternoon before returning to work. In Costa Rica, Theater at Noon has developed a lot over the years.

Costa Rican Theater

Performance art is a form of artistic expression that has existed for centuries. It originated in ancient Greece and then spread to other countries. In Costa Rica, theater was first introduced in the early twentieth century. The first theatrical productions were performed mainly by foreign actors, but from the 1950s onwards there was a growing interest in local theater and it became part of the national culture.

Costa Rican theaters are characterized by their tradition of presenting plays on Sundays at noon. This tradition began in the 1940s when theaters were closed during World War II and actors performed for the public on Sundays at noon because they could not work during the week due to the war. The tradition continued after World War II ended and became a national tradition that is still practiced today.


Shows at noon

Teatro al mediodía is a noontime show hosted by the San José Public Library. This monthly show features a different theme or artist each month and is held at the library. It is a safe space for all people to come together to enjoy the arts.

The varied program of music, theater and dance features national artists not often seen in San Jose. The performances are free to all and are perfect for those who don’t want to spend their lunch hour working.

This year, a total of 33 shows will be presented. These began on Tuesday, April 5 at 12:10 p.m. and will continue until November 29. Although they are suitable for all audiences, most of them can be enjoyed in person, but there will be some options that will only be virtual.

Why go to the Theater?

Performing art is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. It can be defined as a place where people can go to escape from reality and experience something they would not experience in everyday life. In fact, theater helps to improve people’s expression and improvisation. Theater can be fun and also lead to reflection.

In summary

  • Performing art is a form of artistic expression that has existed for centuries.
  • Costa Rican theaters are known for their tradition of presenting plays on Sundays at noon.
  • The Costa Rican theater has a varied program of music, theater and dance featuring national artists.


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